HRium is an online hub for HR services providers and seekers in the Middle East. It provides a vital link between HR companies and the corporate world. 

With the recent growth that the HR industry witnessed in the Middle East, emerged the need for having an online reference for those seeking an HR service, where they will be able to know:

1.     Who are the key HR service providers in their country or region and being able to check their websites and contact them directly.

2.     When key HR events, conferences and forums are being held in their area and get the chance to participate

3.     What HR trainings are offered by the key market leaders 

In addition, HR professionals can use HRium to share their key vacancies with the HR community and the site visitors. 

HR providers will benefit from HRium by gaining more exposure and getting to know more about what is happening in the HR marketplace. 

Also, HRium will be the reference for all HR professionals in the Middle East for keeping current on new publications, trends, legislations and market changes.